Cozumel is Mexico’s third biggest island located in the Caribbean Sea on the eastern coast of the Yucatan peninsula.

It is about 60km south of Cancún and about 16km (10miles) south east off the coast of Playa del Carmen. The island is roughly 45km (28miles) long and 17km (10.5miles) wide and is probably the best diving in this area and well known amongst divers since the articles of Jaques Cousteau in the 1960s.

Your Cozumel diving trip

A typical day of Cozumel diving with Halocline Divers starts with a pick up at your hotel anywhere in the area of Playa del Carmen, around 8 am. We will take you to Coco Beach in the northern part of Playa where the speedboat is waiting for us at 8:30am. The boat departs from there and takes us within about 45min directly to our first dive site.

The dives

The first dive is usually a wall drift dive due to the current of the Gulf stream running from south to north. With normal buoyancy skills this dive can be extremely relaxing being carried by the current throughout the dive. The speedboat follows the bubbles in a safe distance while looking for us setting the Surface Marke Buoy at the end of the dive, which usually last around 45min.

During the surface interval you can enjoy the amazing view of the island with its crystal clear waters. You will be provided with water, a sandwich and fruits by the crew while the boat is slowly bringing us to the second dive site.

The second dive is usually a shallow dive at approximately 12m/ 40ft and sometimes takes place at the beautiful C53 wreck of Cozumel. The surface procedure will be similar to the first dive.

Returning to Playa del Carmen

After the second dive the speedboat brings us back to Coco Beach and we will take you back to your accommodation in Playa del Carmen. The average duration of a Cozumel dive trip with Halocline Divers is from 8am – 2pm. This is by far the best way of exploring the diving of Cozumel without staying on the island. You do not have to spend time for the ferry ride, the transfer to a Cozumel dive shop and the boat ride to the dive sites and all of this commuting back again. This gives you time to enjoy the rest of your day after two amazing Cozumel dives with us.